$1,000 per 1 ct

Demantoid is the most valuable garnet and the most loved gem of jewelry makers around the world. The famous Peter Carl Fabergé treated it as the most precious material. The play of light on its edges comes from high light refraction and reminds of rare green diamonds, it's not accidental that demantoid is translated as 'diamond-like'. Its color can vary from a very strong yellowish green to nearly the color of a fine emerald. They say that it's the only gem that is iridescent.
Demantoid is a truly Russian gem. Stones from the Ural deposit is characterized by unique green color. It's major feature is the authentic inclusions of chrysotil. These inclusions are feathery golden threads that tend to curve and resemble the tail of a horse, and are therefore referred to as horsetail inclusions. Like feathers of the Firebird from the Russian fairy-tales – the thinnest lines of chrysotil enlace the stone from the inside. 'Inner life' makes the stones more precious and valuable. That's why he is often called 'the ural diamond'.
Demantoid is still a rare gem in jewelry. As a result, it's perfect for creating exclusive handmade items. It's a safe choice for going out.

Size: 7.2

Weight: 1.56

Cut: Round

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