$430 per 1 ct

The name Rubellite comes from the Lati rubellus, meaning “reddish,” and refers to the similarity of its color to that of the Ruby, though most Rubellites are more pink than red. They vary in hue from pale to shocking pink to a bold ruby-red, sometimes with a violet tint.
While many gemstones change color depending on the light source, a true Rubellite shines just as intensely in artificial light as it does in daylight, while other pink or red Tourmalines display a visible tinge of brown in artificial light.
This cushion cut rubellite wih soft round lines can be easily used for creating a gorgeous finger-ring, extravagant brooch or stylish pendant – it's limited only to your imagination! Anyway, it will always flare with intensity of colors.

Size: 14.9х11.8

Weight: 8.30

Cut: Cushion

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