$400 per 1 ct

What image comes to your mind when you think of a real gentleman? Impeccable manners, he is courteous and reserved. He has a wit and cultured mind. Smart but elegant suit, expensive perfume with wooden touch – but nothing is as important as the suitable accessory. By these final strokes, almost intangible but so crucial, we judge the whole image.
Classy tourmaline verdelit with dimmed dark green color in a traditional octagon shape is an ultimate adding to minimalistic cuffs made with taste and fineness embodied in white or yellow gold.
The third and the last element can be a shining tourmaline in the shape of a stretched cushion. It's been created for a core element in the tie-clasp, the boldest ones can make a magnificent finger-ring framed with myriads of emeralds or tsavorites for a shading-off.
Make your image not just handsome but perfect.

Size: 11х9

Weight: 7.30

Cut: Cushion

    You choose a gem - We create a masterpiece!

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